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10 Feb | Marine

Fun facts about Mont Blanc

What makes Mont Blanc so famous? Located in the Alps, the mountain stands at 4,810 meters, making it the highest peak in Europe. Mont Blanc sits nestled in the mountains on the border of Italy and France. But that’s not all, there are some very interesting facts about Mont Blanc that makes this trip so …


7 Feb | Teresa

The Ultimate Tour du Mont Blanc Packing List

What do you pack for the adventure of a lifetime on the Tour du Mont Blanc? What size should my bag be? Should I wear waterproof boots, or not? How many water bottles should I bring? As you start preparing everything for your trip, new thoughts and questions might come up. If you are wondering …


6 Feb | Teresa

Training for The Mont Blanc Tour

Congratulations! You have decided to do one of the most beautiful and exciting hikes in Europe – the Tour de Mont Blanc!   This journey through three countries will blow your mind with amazing views and experiences. It is one of the most challenging walking holidays we offer, but this unique experience is on the …


5 Feb | Marine

Top 5 things to do on Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is much more than a simple walking trip, it is about discovering three different countries with their own cultures, traditions, food and festivals. So we’ve made a top 5 of things to do on Mont Blanc.   Sip the fabulous water of Courmayeur at the feet of the Mont Blanc …


6 Sep | Wanda

Why Autumn is the Best Season for Walking Holidays

When is the best time to go on a walking holiday? This is one of the most frequently asked questions here at One Foot Abroad. There is not a single answer; it depends on a number of factors like your personal taste, availability, weather conditions.   Every season has its own beauty that is worth …


12 Oct | Gail

Walking through Romania: Unique Adventures and Encounters

My sister Emma and I went on a walking holiday to the Dolomites Mountains in Italy last year. We had itchy feet to go to another mountain range by foot, so we decided to do something different – we decided to go walking through Romania – more specifically, to Transylvania Carpathians Traverse in Romania.   …


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