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7 Feb | Teresa

The Ultimate Tour du Mont Blanc Packing List

What do you pack for the adventure of a lifetime on the Tour du Mont Blanc? What size should my bag be? Should I wear waterproof boots, or not? How many water bottles should I bring? As you start preparing everything for your trip, new thoughts and questions might come up. If you are wondering …


5 Feb | Marine

Top 5 things to do on Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is much more than a simple walking trip, it is about discovering three different countries with their own cultures, traditions, food and festivals. So we’ve made a top 5 of things to do on Mont Blanc.   Sip the fabulous water of Courmayeur at the feet of the Mont Blanc …


6 May | Gail

Travel Diary: Verdon Gorge, France

My sister Emma and I decided we are ready for a shorter walking holiday, so we picked the Verdon Gorge in France which is home to some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in all of Europe.   We have previously been on walking holidays the Dolomites in Northern Italy and also the Transylvania Carpathians …


20 Aug | One Foot Abroad

Our Adventures Hiking the Kerry Way: Friendly Towns and Beautiful Views

I have always wanted to walk the Kerry way after hearing my grandpa’s endless stories of exploring the Irish countryside as a child. Deciding where I wanted to go on holiday was a breeze. Deciding how I wanted to do it was the challenging part! I stumbled upon the option of a walking holiday and knew …


14 May | One Foot Abroad

Tour du Mont Blanc – Daily Diary of Adventurer Silvia

The first time I heard about Tour du Mont Blanc I was so impressed by the possibility of walking through three different countries in only one week. So when I had the opportunity to do this adventure I was thrilled and packed everything right away. For those who do not know, Mont Blanc is the ...


14 Mar | One Foot Abroad

Walking the little Island of Menorca – Diary of Eva

A few years ago, I heard Menorca had opened a coastal path circumnavigating the entire island. I was immediately intrigued! In September, I decided to go with my partner to explore the route – Cami de Cavalls (The Way of Horses).   Our Trip The length of the Cami de Cavalls is 185 km. It is …


18 Oct | Julia

A Walk Through the Astounding Views of Dachstein, Austria

I grew up in the mountains, but they do not compare to these beautiful mountains in Austria. While still in the planning stages of my travels, the mighty Dachstein sounded intimidating. Standing at 2995 meters high, and being named a UNESCO world heritage site, I just could not talk myself out of it. The tour …


17 Oct | Julia

Hiking in Tuscany: History, Culture, and Adventure

After seeing many of my friends and their families take trips to Italy the past few years, I figured it was finally time for me to stop listening to their stories and accounts of the Tuscan countryside and go see it myself. I chose a hiking holiday because I wanted to fully immerse my senses in …


12 Oct | Gail

Walking through Romania: Unique Adventures and Encounters

My sister Emma and I went on a walking holiday to the Dolomites Mountains in Italy last year. We had itchy feet to go to another mountain range by foot, so we decided to do something different – we decided to go walking through Romania – more specifically, to Transylvania Carpathians Traverse in Romania.   …


14 Aug | Shannon

Hiking along Pennine Way: My Personal Escape

I have been bitten by the travel bug, like so many others, so when my holiday came around, I knew it was time to get away from home. Rather than going sight-seeing in Paris or wine tasting in Italy, I decided that hiking along Pennine Way was the best way to get away from the ...


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