Please note that discounts cannot be cumulative. Whichever highest discount will apply.

Early Booking 5%

Book your trip 4 months or more before your departure date and avail 5% discount per person.
Example: You book your trip the 15th of January for a departure date (1st night) the 8th of May.

Loyalty Discount 5%

Returning customers automatically qualify for 5% regardless of time of booking and departure date.
Example: You went on a trip with us in 2011 and book for any date in future years, as many times as you keep booking (basically forever).

Refer a friend €30 cash

It is simple: if you refer a friend who actually books with us, you get €30 cash and your friend gets €30 discount.
Example: You are an existing customer who went with us and on your return, you refer 2 friends who actually book with us, then you get €30×2=€60 in cash. Your friends get €30×2=€60 discount on their booking.
Terms & Conditions:

    • Amounts stated above are per person in new booking
    • Referrer – must be existing customer
    • Referee – must be new customer
    • Please state at time of booking the name of the existing customer who referred you
    • Referee must be travelling on different dates to Referrer
    • All amounts paid to Referrer will be via bank transfer (any applicable transfer charges to be paid by Referrer).  In the event of payment through credit card, credit card transaction fees to be paid by Referrer.
    • Referee will receive discount on invoice.

 See more in Terms & Conditions section

Group Discount up to 10%

The more you are the cheaper it gets!
For a group of 6 or 7 persons: 5% (i.e 1 person is half price)
For a group of 8 or 9 persons: 8% (i.e. 1 person is less than half price)
For a group of 10 persons or more: 10% (i.e. 1 person goes free!)
Example: You are part of a group of 6 friends for a trip at €485 each (total €2,910), the group discount applies and you pay only €460 each (total €2,764)
Terms & Conditions: A group booking is a booking for a number of person equal or greater than 6 with the same booking date and the same departure date on the same trip.
See more in Terms & Conditions section