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Walking Holidays in Romania

Romania is a beautiful country that boasts fascinating nature and awe-inspiring scenery. Bestow your eyes upon the stretching landscapes and set yourself free to the wilderness. Learn about the story of the famous Dracula and many more.

Our Romania walking holiday features grassy strolls, some ridge walking, and a chance to see Bran Castle, the home of Dracula, making it indeed an adventure!

Walking Tours in Romania

This walking holiday features an incursion into the alpine meadows, hayfields and wild forests of Romania. Most of the hiking occurs on forest trails or field walks, but there is some ridge walking involved! The no-snow season is mid-May to November in Bucegi Massif. The rest of the hikes are snow-free much quicker, maybe the first weeks of April. Even if there is still snow in May and possibly early snow layer in November, a good pair of mountain boots should be enough. For the winter and early spring months, Bucegi massif traverse may require snowshoes or touring skis (depending on whether the path has been walked or not). Late March and April are extremely pleasant to walk as the days grow longer and there is enough power in the sun radiation (that is during sunny days), to allow you to walk in a T-shirt even at 0 Celsius. During the typical winter days and early spring (March), Bucegi massif may be throwing quite extreme weather at hikers, so decision making is very important, especially as we are talking about self-guided trips. Also, the weather changes very quickly so, again, for these months, hikers should be aware of the conditions and also their endurance, technical and orienteering level and adapt their decision making.

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