Why Us

Self-Guided Walks

The most flexible and independent way to travel!!

  • Choose your own departure date year round
  • Arrange your own airline tickets
  • Start walking & take breaks when you decide
  • Walk at your own pace…
  • Maintain an intimate walking party or meet other
  • Cheaper than a guided walk

On a self guided trip, you decide the 1st day of your holiday and this implies to work on request with our suppliers (no block booking). Immediately, we request availability upon your booking and we debit your credit card only when all suppliers have positively answer to the request.


Unspoiled Nature & Inspiring Paths

The route you are about to embark upon will take you through the most beautiful landscapes and panoramic viewpoints of the region. This route has been selected based on walking interests, together with special interests such as cultural features along the way.
Once you have begun your itinerary, you will very quickly realise that walking is an amazing (if not the best) way to discover an area, getting up close to its flora and fauna, with all your senses awakened in the fresh air. You’ll feel healthier from the very first day!
Take the time to wander along a sinuous path at your own pace. Breathe deeply, feel the wind, taste the air and smell the aroma of adventure.

All year or seasonality

Seasonality is an important part in the walking holiday world where some itineraries can be completed only at specific time of the year (example Mont Blanc only in July and August or Luberon all year except in July and August).
Go to Who we are in the Ethics & Spirit section.

Accommodation – Comfortable hotels & traditional food

After your days walk, what better than to arrive in a warm and welcoming hotel? We select hotels and other accommodation based on their comfort, facilities and character. Usually, you will arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon, giving you plenty of time for a rest, a refreshing shower, a visit to the local village etc.
You can enjoy all the things that make for a relaxing holiday and top it off with a traditional meal in your hotel, prepared with the best fresh, regional products. We always give preference to hotels with their own restaurant and chefs, and those awarded with a quality label and/or recommended by recognised guidebooks. More importantly, we have tried them for you! And we always look forward to coming back.
Obviously, hotels and restaurants are dependent on local infrastructures and the above applies to the vast majority of our itineraries. Sometimes we even arrange the route so that it passes by a hotel that we particularly like. However, it could happen that on a particular walking holiday or a specific stage, the accommodation, while clean and friendly, will be more basic, especially in remote or mountainous area.
We also give you the choice when possible between different type of standard, from 2* to 3*, 4* and even luxury hotels! Some hotels have spas or swimming pools or relaxing gardens. So you can select according to your budget and wishes. The concept is for you not to compromise on your personal comfort.

Accommodation – Triple room and more on request nature of the business

When possible , we can try to accommodate 3 persons in the same bedroom (triple room) but this is not always possible depending on local infrastructure, type of hotels etc… in which case, there will be two rooms booked, one for 2 persons and one for 1 person.
In bigger towns, where there are a choice of different restaurants, we usually include only the night and breakfast (B&B) and let you decide on which kind of restaurants and type of food you prefer eating. When the only restaurant is in the hotel, we include the half board (dinner, night and breakfast).

Luggage transfer

Enjoy walking light!

For each itinerary, we give you the option to use the luggage transfer facility. this option is strongly recommended. If you choose so, we take care of your luggage so it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the next hotel/accommodation. During the day, you can comfortably walk with a day pack of about 4 kg, with only the essentials for the day: picnic, water, sun cream, maps, etc… We believe that walking with a light pack provides you with a level of comfort that ensures you really enjoy your walk.
Obviously, in some itinerary, there could be a few nights where it is not possible to transfer your luggage in some mountainous areas (example: Tour du Mont Blanc) where you may have to stop in a refuge not accessible by road. In this case, you will just have to take your overnight gear in your day bag before finding your main luggage at the next stage.
Some of you may be travelling light anyway or even enjoy carrying your full equipment, in which case, untick the option for the luggage transfer at the time of booking ad benefit from lower prices.
For any questions about luggage transfer, please go to FAQs in the luggage/airport transfer section.