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Walking Holidays in Bulgaria

We offer you the opportunity to see the wilderness of Bulgaria, a country whose beauty precedes all others. Hike on high mountains and look upon the world from bird’s eye view. Pay visit to one of the most famous monastery in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, often an overlooked Southeastern European country has the beauty and the mountain range to make your next adventure a Bulgarian one.

Walking Tours in Bulgaria

During the trek, we will visit the highest peak on the Balkans in Rila mountains (Musula, 2925m) and the giant of Pirin Mountains (Vihren, 2914m). We will explore enormous national parks, housing vast alpine meadows, stone rivers, glacial lakes, rare vegetation and abundant animal life. The biggest Bulgarian monastery (Rila Monastery) and probably the most famous Bulgarian landmark will also be visited as a part of the trip.

This trek takes place in the two mountain chains which contain the Balkan Peninsula’s highest peaks housing vast national parks, rare vegetation and rich animal life. The trip is structured to take the participants to remote regions with beautiful and unspoiled natural landscapes. If you do not have the time for extensive trekking in the world’s biggest mountain ranges, this tour is strongly recommended. Here you can enjoy the physical challenge of alpine landscapes above the tree border, as well as the cultural treasures of Bulgaria and the warm hospitality of the local people.

The guide will adapt the trip regarding the weather and people's abilities.

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