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Cape Verde - Explore Sao Nicolau

Stage 1
8 days
Starting From

Cape Verde – Explore Sao Nicolau Map
São Nicolau is one of the Cabo Verde islands and perhaps one of the least known. It is located in the northwestern quadrant of this archipelago and is characterized by a mixture of landscapes, which includes an extensive mountain region, intersected by green valleys - where agricultural activity holds special importance - and by volcanic plains that end on a rocky coastline. Birth place of several Cape Verde's intellectuals, São Nicolau reveals itself as a sanctuary of culture and natural beauty untouched by tourism. In its small territory it holds two of the seven wonders of Cabo Verde: the “Monte Gordo” Natural Park and the Geo site of “Carbeirinho”. Whether for its landscape, culture, beaches of both black and white sand, or its welcoming people, it is time to discover São Nicolau.

Our 2021 Dates:

2 April - 12 April 2021

& 3 June - 13 June 2021

São-Nicolau-Cape-Verde-Trekking Festival

Photo credit: Portia (Pip) Jones

Praia City to Praia City
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  • 7 nights accommodation and breakfast
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  • Visit tour in Praia
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Day 1

Arriving at Praia town, Santiago. Check-in Hotel St. Maria

Arrival Day

Day 2

Ribeira Brava, São Nicolau

After a breakfast full of typical products, take some time to visit the historic area of Praia, its local market or the famous Sucupira market, typically African, and where you can find a little bit of everything. On the island of São Nicolau, there will be a short historical walk followed by a welcoming home made dinner.

Day 3

Vila da Ribeira Brava - Juncalinho

Starting at Ribeira Brava village the walk will initially be along lava flows to Porto de Lapa, where the first inhabitants of São Nicolau settled. A small rest will be taking here on its black sands with healing properties. It follows a long and peaceful ascent to the village of Morro Alto located on the banks of the largest volcanic caldera of São Nicolau and with a devastating view over the Bay of São Jorge. Until arriving at Juncalinho you will be surprised by steep cliffs and numerous volcanoes along the coast. At the end, you will have a natural pool of warm and transparent waters waiting for you to recover.

* Despite a length of 25 km this is a route that is done with some ease and the diversity of landscapes makes it look much lower in the end.

Day 4

Fajã – Covoada - Fajã

Perhaps one of the most revealing routes in the history and culture of São Nicolau’s people. Between isolated villages and long climbs and descents, to the “S”, where we are obliged to contemplate the mysterious and bucolic landscape that erupts in each curve.

Day 5

Ribeira Brava - Praia

Following a pilgrimage path towards the Sanctuary of “Nossa Senhora do Sameiro” do Monte Cintinha its possible to witness the lifestyle of the people who live and work in the valley of Ribeira Brava. In Cachaço we enter the “Monte Gordo” Natural Park, one of the 7 wonders of Cabo Verde, and the highest point of São Nicolau, which we will visit. Following trails full of history and stories, flanked by remnants of coffee and tobacco cultures, we’ll reach Canto Fajã, ideal place to rest before starting the climb to “Assomada de Macebo”. In this place we are transported to another dimension, to another place frozen in time, that reminds us of human insignificance before the elements of nature. After passing through Frigate, you will go to Praia Branca, where the warm “Saudade” music, eternalized by Cesária Évora, was written. On the way to Tarrafal, a stop will be made at the Carbeirinho geo site, another of the 7 wonders of Cape Verde.

Day 6

Ribeira Prata - Tarrafal

Already in Ribeira Prata, we will visit the “rotcha scribida”, a strange rock formation that arouses the curiosity of people from all over the world due to its shapes which remind us of mysterious scriptures from the past. The walk starts at sea level and the summit will be the destiny. Untill there we’ll be following Ribeira de Fragata valley. Looking backwards it will be possible to watch the splendor of this valley. At Tope Simon we’ll reach the highest point of the route, from where we’ll admire the Ribeira de Calhaus valley and its traditional farming fields. From the Ribeira de Calhaus, the ascent begins along volcanic ash that takes us to the village of Hortelã. From Hortelã the descent is made along the Espigão and the final descent to Tarrafal is made through an escarpment that allows to have one of the best views of Tarrafal.

Day 7

Tarrafal-Vila da Ribeira Brava

Leaving Tarrafal behind, we head up towards Monte de Fontainhas and its  village, nowadays a place used for raising cattle. We’ll follow along a deep valley, where small natural pools are formed in rocky ground after rainny days and the water reflects the blue of the sky. Arriving at the Tope d’Vermelin we will be welcomed by one of the best preserved dry stone paths in São Nicolau and at the top it is possible to admire the entire Ribeira Brava Valley, from the sea to Monte Cintinha, and at the same time the entire plateau of Caleijão, seeing the Preguiça airport and the sea on the south side of the island. The village of Ribeira Brava welcomes us through walls of volcanic dikes that protect it from the most violent waters.

Day 8

Return to Praia, Santiago

It will be our last day in São Nicolau! During the morning you will be free to visit the place and make the last purchases “di terra”. On the way to the airport, a small stop will be made in the fishing village of Preguiça to visit its historic fort, where in 1461 Pedro Alvares Cabral stopped during his trip to Brazil. A place full of history and fishing tradition. From there we return to the airport from where we will depart for the city of Praia, in Santiago.

Cape Verde – Explore Sao Nicolau Elevation

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