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Walking Alentejo - Step by Step

8 days
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Walking Alentejo Map
Walk through impressive landscapes teeming with wildlife and beautiful flora to find Portugal’s rich history and traditions. From the ancient mystical monuments to the vibrant well-preserved city centres, the Step by Step Walking Tour of Alentejo is a magical voyage from the stone age to modern times. This magnificent area has to be seen to be believed, so come and experience it first hand. Alentejo is known for its calm and serene way of life. Come, relax, and set your pace to ours. Disconnect from the rest of the world, and enjoy the long, sunny hours and our easy-going attitude.

Evora to Monsaraz
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Included in this package
  • Specially hand-picked accommodations
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • 5 dinners with 2 drinks
  • 5 picnic lunches
  • Regional welcome snack
  • Transfers to and from the walking tours
  • Transfers between hotels
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Airport Transfer
  • Extra night stays
Not included
  • Flights/trains
  • Insurance
  • Dinner on the last two nights


Day 1


Take a deep breath, let the rest of the world fade away, and let the slower pace of southern Portugal put your mind at ease.

Take the evening to settle into your guesthouse, have a lovely Portugues dinner, and get into a holiday mood.

Day 2

The Silver Water Aqueduct

Stroll from your guesthouse towards the 16th century aqueduct, built to solve the water shortages in the city, this walk will lead to the Ancient city of Évora. Along the way the small farms and aromatic herbs that grow by the aqueduct will keep you company. Visit the city’s beautiful and fascinating historical sites, and immerse yourself in the incredible architecture. If you are looking for a cool calm drink, make your way to Évora’s central square. You’ll be surrounded by age-old buildings where you can feel the flow of life passing you by. 

Day 3

The Megalithic Monuments

Enjoy a walk through the beautiful Holm oak forest today. It is dotted by impressive granite boulders which were used 6000 years ago by our ancestors to build their burial sites and magic cult sites. Explore these fascinating sites and their surroundings. 

You will visit the Dolmen of Zambujeiro – biggest in Europe, the Cromlech of Almendres, the Menir of Almendres, and the church of Mitra.

A lovely lunch is included today.

Day 4

Conquest of the Castle of Valongo

Today we follow the tranquil river Degebe.  We will discover old water mills and try to imagine what life looked like for the people who used them. From the riverside, we start walking up hill for some wonderful views of the area.

A grand old castle will slowly take shape in the horizon. It is the surreal castle of Valongo, built in the middle of nowhere by, some say, the Romans.

Lunch will be provided for today as well.

Day 5

Serra D'Ossa - Uncharted Territory

Explore the Serra D’ossa sierra with its luxuriant vegetation and discover and the lovely plants and animals of Alentejo. Start your walk at the impressive convent, where you will sleep, then choose your adventure for the day. There is a shorter option, or a longer more challenging trek, both through wonderful Portuguese countryside.

Lunch is included again.

Day 6

Clay and Olive

Today we will leave the Hotel and go to São Pedro Do Corval by car. The village is famous for it’s pottery, so take some time to wander the streets, soaking it is. You will head out from there to Monsaraz. In this area, clay and olives have been present since before written history. On the way, visit the less known “Lovers’ stone” and the church of Our lady of Rosário.

Remember to make time to eat you included lunch. Tonight you will overnight in Monsaraz.

Day 7

The Medieval Village

The unforgettable village of Monsaraz, built in a castle on top of a hill, is stunning to behold. Schist Rock walls will guide your walk around the beautiful fortification. If you choose to climb all the way to the top you will be rewarded with views over the castle and its stunning village. You can see all the way out over the picturesque blue Alqueva lake. 

You can choose to order a picnic from the hotel today, or take the opportunity to explore the local restaurants for new flavours.

Tonight we sleep in Monsaraz so you can explore late into the evening.

Day 8


After breakfast we bid you farewell, but there is plenty more to explore. Ask us about other walking holidays in Spain or talk to us about extending your accommodation so you can relax in this gorgeous town just a little bit longer.

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