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Ridge Way

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Avebury Stone Circle 

The UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to the neolithic period, originally composed of 100 stones, but the history has destroyed several stones. The impressive stones, which measure between 12 and 18 feet and weigh at least 40 tons, were a worship site especially for praying to the gods to protect the people from diseases and natural disasters. It’s a huge site full of history. 


A charming village, full of history and manor! The biggest manor is the Great Manor, owned by the king until the 17th century. The second one was assigned to the Church and the last one was bought by a family in1652. The village seems very warmed due to the specific houses made of red stones and the houses made with a straw roof and half-timbering. 

Goring on Thames 

Another lovely village! Yes, you’re in the region of charming English villages. The award-winning village for the title of “Oxfordshire village” in 2009 and title of “Calor village of the Year” in 2009 and 2010 is a jewel of Oxfordshire. Near to the River Thames, the residential area is enclosed by riverside plain. George Michael was living there in his last years. 

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