Walking Grades

Walking grades: “It’s your own Everest!”


Europe’s best walking destinations

As we often say, walking is the best way of discovering a country’s landscapes and culture. To ensure that you get the most from one of our itineraries around Europe, we recommend that you have a look at our Walking Grades. These Walking Grades have been developed by our own team of specialists and are calculated by considering the length, gradient, distance and technicality of the route involved.
We offer you a range of walking holidays encompassing 3 walking grades; easy, moderate and challenging. Indulge your spirit of adventure, in your dream destination, without compromising your safety and comfort. Take a look at how we categorise our walking grades and then assess your own capabilities and preparation regime accordingly. Be realistic; this will help you get the most out of your time on the trip!

  easy walking holidays

Walk of less than 5 hours a day on average, on a path or a trail, accessible to everybody. Gentle terrain without steep climbs or vertiginous mountains. Mostly coastal routes or hills. This grade is suitable for older people or for families with children aged 6 or older.
Your preparation: 
Try to fit in a few hours walking at the weekends before departure. As the holiday you have chosen is an “Easy” grade, any preparation before you go will help you to enjoy your holiday more. If you want to be absolutely prepared, then walking 4 or 5 hours, 3 or 4 times a month, for 2 months before the departure is recommended.
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  moderate walking holidays

Walk of up to 7 hours a day on average, on a path or a trail, and up to 1000m ascent a day. Possibility of stages in altitude and/or steep climb, with no technical difficulties. Days are best described as moderate. Distance is less than 20 km on average. 
Your preparation: 
For the last 2 months before your departure, make sure you’re keeping reasonably fit. Go for a walk of about 6 hours with some ascent every weekend. Alternatively, practice your regular sporting activity as usual. Stretch well before your walks and everything will be just fine.
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  challenging walking holidays

Stages can be more than 7 hours and more than 1000m ascent or 20 km long. Paths can be technical at times and/or steep. Fitness levels must be adequate and previous walking experience is desirable.
Your preparation: 
For these itineraries, we recommend that you prepare for at least 3 months every weekend. Try to go for some challenging walks; 1000m ascent at a good pace for more than 6 hours. If you practice an intense sporting activity that develops fitness (2 or 3 hours a week at least), this could suffice as your preparation. Keeping fit is essential, especially in the weeks before departure.
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“If there’s a will, there’s a way”
From time to time, we augment the Walking Grade with a + sign (i.e. ‘Easy+’ and ‘Moderate+’). This is when we judge that a particular route is slightly more demanding than the defined category. This gives you more control over the type, and intensity, of walking holiday you choose.
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