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Why Choose a Walking Holiday

Whether you do it for exercise, for pleasure, or to discover your spiritual self. A walking holiday is a journey you should embark upon at least once in your life. Walking holidays are becoming increasingly popular. More people are searching for something that deviates from the typical holiday. Such as paying a visit to the Louvre or relaxing on a beach in Gran Canaria. They are searching for something more active, something more adventurous.

Benefits of a Walking Holiday

A walking holiday allows you the opportunity to marvel at the astonishing and exquisite beauty of nature. And simultaneously reap the health benefits of a good exercise. If you’ve never been on a walking holiday and are looking to get away for the summer, we recommend you get in touch with us about our walks. It’s an experience unlike any one you’ve had, and will certainly be an unforgettable one.
Often, people find that upon going on holidays, they do nothing but sight-see. They are going from one tourist attraction to the next, their holiday lacking any real action. They find that they are spending too much of their precious holiday time waiting in line. Or being trapped in bustling metros or crowded buses. A walking holiday allows you to escape from the hectic chaos of the city. It lets you take in a deep breath of fresh air.
You are given a chance to gaze at a natural beauty that is devoid of human interaction, allowing you to grow closer to nature. There is no restriction on where you can wander or what you can touch.

You are free to choose your own path, having the opportunity for a more familiar encounter with a destination that would not have been accessible by car or train. I need not mention that since walking produces no carbon emissions, it’s one of those holidays that is entirely eco-friendly!
Many times, people venture out to a different country and completely fall in love with it. But they leave within a few days without ever really getting to know it up close and personal. But a walking holiday allows you to get in touch with the country you’re visiting and to see a different, more intimate, side to it, one you will not get to know from simply visiting museums.

The country is laid bare for you to explore, giving you an entirely new perspective and allowing you to broaden your awareness of its culture and history, as well as giving you the opportunity to communicate with the locals.

Overcoming the Challenge

Of course, a walking holiday may be challenging; no one is going to deny that it is. You need to have good health and to be sure that you’re capable of taking on the challenge. But you needn’t shy away from it either. Many are put off by the fact that they may not be fit enough to do it. A walking holiday is a perfect and entirely enjoyable way to resolve that, as it has a vast abundance of health benefits.

Whether you’re walking or hiking, you’re getting a certain amount of aerobic exercise, which helps to increase your fitness levels. Walking is such a simple and easy activity that can greatly improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, reduce body fat, and reduce the risk of serious illness, all of which, of course, helps you live longer. Simply going on a walking holiday could be the key to vitality!
Another benefit of a walking holiday is that whether you’re a fast walker or you prefer to take it easy, you can make your holiday suit you! If it’s self-guided, a walking holiday allows you to experience everything at your own pace. It doesn’t require any particular skills or extreme levels of fitness; anyone can do it. All you need is your two feet!

Just go for it!

Whether you’re going with family or friends, a walking holiday is an opportunity for bonding. And even if you’re alone, then who knows… you may discover something new about yourself! The countryside is an endless source of inspiration. Because your mind is unoccupied by the busy thoughts that typically crowd your mind at home, traversing the country you can let your mind wander. This reduces stress and anxiety, and gifts you with a feeling of peace.
A walking holiday is perhaps the only holiday that rewards you with a feeling of pride, not shame from being too inactive or overspending on souvenirs. When you arrive at your destination and reflect on the amount of land that you’ve crossed, you understand what it is to feel accomplishment.
With a walking holiday, everything you hope to get out of an adventure is within your grasp: action, encounters with new people, and inspiration that fulfills your soul. It’s an easy and satisfying way to travel, and it offers you only the best.

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