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Fun facts about Mont Blanc

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What makes Mont Blanc so famous? Located in the Alps, the mountain stands at 4,810 meters, making it the highest peak in Europe. Mont Blanc sits nestled in the mountains on the border of Italy and France. But that’s not all, there are some very interesting facts about Mont Blanc that makes this trip so special.  

Fun Facts about Mont Blanc

In French, Mont Blanc means White Mountains. The mountains are usually found capped in snow or cloaked by moody clouds.
The stunning area around Mont Blanc should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only is it breathtakingly gorgeous, but it is also an important peak. Here are some fun facts about Mont Blanc: 

  1. It’s the 11th tallest peak in the world.
  2. The full circuit has a striking 10,000 m of ascent and descent.
  3. A tunnel connects Chamonix in France to Courmayeur in Italy. It was opened in 1996 and it’s about even miles long!
  4. Each year about 20,000 climbers attempt to summit the Mont Blanc.
  5. The first climbers to reach the Mont Blanc summit were Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard in 1786. 
  6. The lowest temperature on Mont Blanc was registered in January 1893 with -43C.
  7. The highest temperature registered in Chamonix was in June 2019 with +36C.
  8. In July 1808 Maria Paradis became the first woman to reach the summit.
  9. Chamonix, the French city located at the foot of Mont Blanc, hosted the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924.
  10. The Mont Blanc hiking trail is THE most popular long-distance walk in Europe.
  11. The legendary Marathon du Mont Blanc has been run since 1979 and is growing exponentially. In 2019 10,500 participants participated! 
  12. The Mont Blanc Glaciers cover 100 square kilometres.
  13. The mountain is called Mont Blanc for its perpetual snowfield.
  14. The Mont Blanc is the most fatal mountain of the World, estimates suggest that it claims 100 people per year, on average.
  15. In September 2007 a Jacuzzi party was thrown at the top of the Mont Blanc!

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the biggest tourist attractions in France and Italy. These interesting facts about the Mont Blanc make it France’s pride.  
You can visit Mont Blanc with one of our guided or self-guided tours to experience this incredible area in comfort. Experience Mont Blanc, the adventure of a lifetime!

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10th February 2020

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