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Hiking Along Pennine Way: My Personal Escape

The travel bug has bitten me, like so many others. So when my holiday came around, I knew it was time to get away from home. Rather than going sight-seeing in Paris or wine tasting in Italy, I decided that hiking along Pennine Way was the best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life.

What does Hiking along Pennine Way Entail?

Because I was looking for a perfect mix of adventurous and relaxing holiday, I had to find a trip that would allow me to be active, while also having time to lounge. Hence my hike along Pennine Way. Most of the daily hikes were easy, because I was strolling through the English countryside, simply taking in my surroundings.

I will admit I chose to hike the first section of Pennine Way, not simply because it was an easier hike, but also because I am a nerd. There are several stops along the way that just made me even more excited to go. On the fifth day of hiking, I got to visit an old farmhouse. I knew it from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, which is one of my favourite novels.

Also, on the last day of the trip, I stopped by Malham Cove, where they filmed a part of a Harry Potter movie. Like I said, I loved it and just had to seize the opportunity to visit these iconic sites!

How I Prepared for Hiking along Pennine Way

Like most walking holidays, I knew that I had to prepare for intense days of walking, so I did just that. When I was packing, I made sure that I had plenty of thick socks. Beyond the simple act of packing, I started to train for my walking holiday. Because I do not typically hike 20+ kilometres a day, I spent the weeks leading up to my departure walking more. I bought new shoes, and made sure to break them in. In the past, I have had the tendency to get blisters, so I was trying to avoid that disaster!

My Trip Details

My trip started out like many others, I hopped onto a plane. After my flight landed in London, I grabbed a train to Edale, which took about three hours. Getting to Edale was one of my easiest transfers, simply because the airport and the train all ran smoothly.

Once I was in Edale, I had the rest of the afternoon and evening to kill. While beautiful, the sad part about Edale is that it is not a particularly large town. There was an impressive church in the town, so I spent a little time exploring it. After that, I made pit stops in both of the town pubs, making sure that I took my time.

I was told that the first day of the Pennine Way was to be the hardest, so I called it an earlier night.

When I woke up the next morning, I was so excited for my journey to start. Since the hike started at the Old Nag’s Head, I knew exactly where I was going. Off I went on my hike!

The people who warned me that the first day was the hardest were right. Right off the bat, there was a rough ascent to Jacob’s Ladder. Luckily, I was not alone, since I was hiking through sheep pastures there was plenty of livestock to keep me company! Once I reached the top, I thought I was safe; however, the trail had other plans. I strolled around Kinder Scout before beginning my second trek to Bleaklow Head.

Luckily, that was my last ascent. After taking in the view from Bleaklow Head, I headed downwards to Torside where I spent my first evening.

Half Way Through

The next few days flew by, mostly because the daily hikes were easier. I got a chance to see Black Hill. I had been warned that it was nothing like I’d expect. Once again, my informants were right. Black Hill provided me with an unwavering sight of green. My second night was spent in Standedge, where I opted to take a short boat ride into the longest and highest canal in all of the UK. It was a relaxing ride, so it was a great way to spend the evening.

When the fifth day rolled around, I got really excited, because I was going to hike to Heptonstall Moor, home of the old farmhouse. Since I woke up invigorated and ready to go, I may have tried to attack the steep climb a little too eagerly. By the time I reached the top of Heptonstall Moor, I was ready for a nap! The farmhouse provided me with a great place to relax, grab a bite, and placate the inner literary nerd.

After a few easy days of hiking from Ponden to Earby and from Earby to Malham, I got to venture to Malham Cove. Once again, I set out on the steep climb to Malham Cove with a lot of enthusiasm. However, this time around, I managed to conserve my energy, especially since I would need it later during the day.

After wandering around the limestone landscape, I began the daunting climb to Fountains Fell. I took a short break at the top of Fountains Fell, because I had to immediately climb Pen-y-ghant. The climb of Pen-y-ghant was not nearly as taxing as the descent, but the view from the top made the entire trip worth it!

I spent the last night of the trip in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, which is a Yorkshire village famous for being the starting point of the iconic Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. The locals were more than happy to talk to me and make sure I had a great time.

Final Thoughts about Hiking along Pennine Way

This walking holiday was perfect for me. It had its challenging days, but it also had simple relaxation.  The green scenery and sweeping views made this one of my favourite holiday trips. No trip is complete without food, so I thought I’d mention how divine it was on my trip. The simplicity of country life is very evident in the food. I really loved the chance to indulge in the local cuisine and traditions, which I tried to do at every stop.

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