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Top 5 things to do on Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is much more than a simple walking trip, it is about discovering three different countries with their own cultures, traditions, food and festivals. So we’ve made a top 5 of things to do on Mont Blanc.

Sip the fabulous water of Courmayeur at the feet of the Mont Blanc

Courmayeur Water Mont Blanc tourThis water is sold only in France and in the Aoste Valley in Italy. The water is very pure and rich in minerals.
The water of Courmayeur has been revered for many years for its reported healing properties. During the time when the Ducs de Savoie were in power, the source gained a remarkable reputation. 
Today, the water from the Youla spring is the most famous water in the whole valley.

Devour the famous french raclette

tasty french dish raclette
For decades now the Tour du Mont Blanc has been offering plenty of good traditional food, such as raclette, a famous French meal!
Cheese, cold meat, potatoes and of course a good glass of wine will be waiting for you at the end of the day in France. This famous meal is eaten everywhere in France but the true raclette originates in Savoie.

Treat yourself with some Swiss chocolate

Lindt ChocolateThe best chocolate in the world; Swiss chocolate is known for its taste and consistency.
In Switzerland, chocolate is an important part of the culture. Chocolate’s history in the country began in 1875 when Daniel Peter added powdered milk to solid chocolate and created the famous milk chocolate. Four years later, Rodolphe Lindt created the “conche”, a chocolate mixing tool still used today.
These two Swiss pioneers revolutionized the whole industry, and Switzerland is still known to many as the home of chocolate.

Attend Events and Festivals Around Mont Blanc

Mountains GuideThe Alps during the summer are alive with events. Ask at your accommodation about any that might be on while you are there.
Starting in Chamonix, you can go to see the “Fetes des Guides”, which takes place from August the 12th to  August the 15th. The event was created in 1924 in order to celebrate the mountain guiding service in all of Mont Blanc. The money collected during the event goes to the Emergency Funds, a financial reserve created for helping guides with their financial needs.
The event includes a spectacular show performed by guides telling a story by climbing the wall in Lac des Gaillands. This huge show includes sound and lights, concluding with fireworks.
In Courmayeur, the main event in town is the “Festa de San Pantaleone“. On July 27th, the city gets festive all day to celebrate its Patron Saint. Everyone gets dressed in traditional costumes. The party starts with the folk music and dancing by a local dance group, as well as La Salle musical band’s parade.
You can then go to the San Pantaleone’s feast, and walk around the multitude of stands from Viale Regionale to Viale Monte Bianco. Finally, you can finish up the day by going to the Street Party, which is famous for its bars with great musical entertainment and highly enjoyable drinks.

The Alpine garden of Champex Lake, the treasure of Mont Blanc

Botanical garden MushroomLocated in Champex, the Botanical garden sits at an altitude of 1.500 meters. This enchanted place is surrounded by stunning Alpine scenery.
Here you’ll find over 4.000 varieties of flowers from all over the world. It is one of the finest collections in the Alps.
You will walk stony routes and small bridges that overlook crystal pools of water while enjoying the beauty of the Alpine Garden. Open up your senses and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of this gorgeous garden. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mont Blanc and that you have time to experience some of these wonderful sights and activities.

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