The Wines from Burgundy – Experience the Best Wines of the World

The wines from Burgundy are appreciated worldwide.  The region is one of the best wine producers in the world.  However, Burgundy is more then a wine label.

Burgundy is a region located in east central France. The Capital Dijon is a lovely place full of medieval château`s, museums (and yes, the mustard is from here as well!). One of the oldest museums of Frances in Dijon (Beaux Arts Museum).

Since the old times Burgundy is a place full of history, from the Roman Empire to French kingdom and  made a huge part in the future of France since the Gallic times. Add to this a sum up of all the French “clichés” and “raisons d’être”, no wonder it is called the cradle of France and has an amazing architectural heritage can still be seen everywhere as the numerous typical Burgundy tiled roofs.

Wines from Burgundy 

The Burgundy community appreciates the quality and unique taste of their grapes, they have been working to produce the best wines for centuries.  The vineyards in the past were own by the Dukes and monks, and they use their wines as expensive gifts for kings and princes from their times.

The main reason for the great wines from Burgundy comes from what the French called Terroir.

What is Terroir?

Terroir is a word to describe the original environment of the grapes. The importance of Terroir is due the fact the soil and climate affects the taste of the grapes. The soil in Burgundy is mostly limestone and the weather is good for production of grapes and, afterwards, the wine. That’s one of the reasons why the wines from Burgundy are so different from each other.
There are four different types of grapes originally from Burgundy: Gamay, Aligoté, and the most famous: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Also called as White Burgundy. It is produce in many countries all around the world, but the Burgundy Terroir transform this wine in a unique flavor. The grapes are full of tropical flavors such as pineapple or mango, and with contact with oak can also create an amazing butter or vanilla flavor.

Chardonnay is produce all around the globe, but the taste and production can’t be compare of the wine from Burgundy Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir

The most prized wine in the world, Pinot Noir is a red wine with taste of red fruits like cranberry, cherry and raspberry.

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grapes in the world and has a lighter color. The cool climates and the stoned soils from Burgundy make the Terroir of Pinot noir a unique acid level.


Gamay is a black grape that ferments very quickly. It`s a kind of wine to drink when is young. The aroma is a little be similar of the Pinot noir due the fruits notes such s cherry and strawberry.


Aligoté is a white, dry and young wine with notes of apple and lemon. It tends to grown in poor sites like top of the hills and valleys, so the grapes are not able to grow properly.

The region of Burgundy is divided by wines growing areas:

Chablis – Chablis means “house near the woods”. The grapes have been producing wine in this area for centuries. However, Chablis produce only white wines. Chablis produce a unique unoak  Chardonnay, that is famous worldwide.

Côte de Nuits 

With the best conditions of weather and land to grown grapes, Côte de Nuits is the most expensive Burgundy wines are from here. The weather here is quite changeable, very cold winters and hot summers, and it changes the harvests and causes a variety of the wine quality every year. A big part of the production in here is Pinot Noir, taking 80% of the crop. But Côte de Nuits also produce some Chardonnay and Rosé wines.

Côte de Beaune 

Located in the heart of Burgundy, Beaune is important for the wine commerce of the area. In the middle ages, Côte de Beaune wines were really appreciated by the Dukes at the time. They helped to spread through all of France, the reputation of the marvelous wines from Côte de Beaune. Chardonnay is primary wine produce here.

Côte Chalonnaise

Located in the South of Burgundy and with a weather similar to Côte D’or but with less rainfall, Côte Chalonnaise is well known for Grand Cru and Aligoté vineyards. It was named due the Chalon-sue-Saône, an important town near of the river Saône. The river was the way to travel with the commodities and wine became in the most important trade of the area.


Located in the South of Burgundy, Mâconnais is in the middle of a beautiful area alternated by landscapes and cliffs. Here in Mâconnais has big production of white wines made from Chardonnay. In some parts of the area you can find Gamay and some Pinot Noir wines in here.

Burgundy has festivals and many attractions for the wine lovers during the whole year, such as visits of the vineyards, music and food festivals to enjoy your trip with a glass of the best they have to offer.

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