Barbara Goldur

Barbara GoldurJob Title: Junior Holidays Success Team Executive

What is your favourite walking holiday?
I usually choose a place with a mixture of a field and a city to walk through. I love nature because it allows me to mature as a person by growing in both mind and spirit. The best part about the city is seeing the different buildings, houses, parks, and people.

What advice would you give to someone new to walking holidays?

It is important to consistently walk more during everyday activities when preparing for a walking holiday. A couple examples of this would be to take a longer route to the supermarket and instead of taking public transport all the way to work, walk for part of it. It would also be beneficial to go on a walk for at least an hour a day. Always remember to stretch and drink a lot of water when preparing for a long day of hiking.

Who are walking holidays suitable for?

Everyone can walk the Camino! It does not matter if you are young or old; just do it at your own pace and it will be a great time.

What do you like about working in FTC/OFA?

The amazing team working together to create a great trip for clients is the best part. I enjoy being able to work as a team to help Pilgrims have the best experience possible by giving expert tips, ideas, and advice for their holiday.