Sean Rice

Sean - COOJob Title: Chief Operating Officer

What is your favourite Camino holiday?
I have only recently started working at Follow The Camino and have not done any walks along the Camino yet. However, it is something that is on my bucket list and I hope to do a walk with a good friend later on in the year. The Camino Ingles interests us a lot, since we are both from Ireland,  and it is the route that a lot of Irish pilgrims would have walked along many hundreds of years ago.

How do you prepare for a walking holiday?

I cycle to and from work, so I feel that I am reasonably fit. Although, I know that walking uses different muscles and that I cannot expect to walk the Camino without some preparation.

I would start training about 3 months before doing the Camino. I would begin by going out for 5-10km walks every weekend, building up to a few 20km walks in the month before departure. I would also get a good, lightweight pair of walking boots and wear them in.

Finally, I would do some research into the vineyards along the Camino route, since it would be a shame to miss out on the excellent Spanish wine that will be available at local cafes at the end of a hard day walking.

What do you admire about your colleagues?

I really admire their enthusiasm and their willingness to work together as a team to do what is best for our customers. Everybody has walked on the Camino, often multiple times, and they all have helpful tips and stories to help people get the most out of their journey.

As well as walking what are the advantages of a walking holiday?

Walking the Camino with a few family members or close friends is a great way to reconnect with them and give the opportunity to spend quality time talking and laughing together over a number of days – something that often seems to be missing in today’s hectic lifestyle.

It is also great for clearing your head, giving a different perspective on life’s challenges and it helps you realize that problems are often less important and not as difficult to overcome as perhaps you first thought.