Viktorija Jovaisaite

Viktorija profileJob Title: Camino Planner
Hobbies: Reading, horse riding, hiking, cooking and traveling

What is your favourite walking holiday?
My favourite walking holiday is when I’m walking through forests and lakes, somewhere in the mountains, like Wicklow. I love to see the glory of nature and to be surrounded by green landscape.

What is your favourite Camino holiday?

My favourite Camino holiday is the first and the second parts of the Camino Frances. What can be better than walking from France to Spain in a one day and experience difference in the culture? Walking from Saint Jean Pied de Port and passing the Pyrenees mountains is a breath-taking experience. The second part when you enter the Logrono region and get the chance to taste the best La Rioja wine is a wine lover’s dream.

What advice would you give to someone new to walking holidays?

My advice for people who are not used to walking holiday is to go out and explore the area that you live in, expanding it every day with each kilometre that you walk. Instead of spending your weekend in the house watching television, go out there and find time for your self, for your thoughts. Involve your family members and friends and even pets on your walk. You will see what an incredible bond it will make

Outside of work what are you interested in?

Outside of work, I’m interested in many other activities. My favourite one is to go to the animal rescue at least once a month and volunteer to walk the dogs and feed other animals in the shelter. I get to help the poor animals and also, because it’s in the mountains, I leave the fast moving world behind for a one day and stay in the mountains from morning to the evening looking after the ones that needs the most of love and attention.

Why do you like the Camino?

I love Camino because you get the answers that you are looking for, it calms the storm in you and you meet new friends that you never knew you would have. It’s all about bonding and healing people.

What do you like about working in FTC/OFA?

I love working for FTC/OFA because we are organising something that people love and help make our client’s dreams come true or couples rekindle their marriages.

How do you prepare for a walking holiday?

Always remember to take your time, don’t rush. If you have new walking boots/shoes make sure to walk in them for a few kilometres when you buy them, as you need to get comfortable and used to them prior to your big holiday.

What do you admire about your colleagues?

All of my colleagues are experts with walking holidays. All of us are bilingual speakers and I cannot imagine working in any other environment. We are learning so much from each other and get to understand different cultures. We like to spend some time together outside of work by organising walks and other activities that make our bond even stronger.

What are the advantages of a walking holiday?

There are many advantages, like better physical and mental health, clearing your head after hard day or week, bonding with your loved ones. We could name more and more of them as it only does good to you and your life.

Who are walking holidays suitable for?

Walking holidays are suitable for everyone. We can tailor any holiday to match with your expectations and level of fitness. If you even have a thought of going on a walking holiday that means there is a reason behind it – so why not go out there and find the reason and solution to whatever it is. We will take care of everything, all you need to do is walk!