Gail Delahunt

Gail MarketingJob Title: Marketing
Playing Piano, walking, photography, badminton (Not at the same time)
Fun fact: 
Visited 5 of the 7 continents. Plans to visit Antarctica on the way to South America.

Why do you like the Camino?
I love the Camino because it has a great sense of closeness with the Camino people who were once strangers that became lifelong friends.
Conversation with the other people on the Camino could be only brief or go on for days while walking. As everyone in going the same direction and speed that you tend to bump into them numerous of time.
Also the bonus is experiencing the pure countryside away from the cities.

What advice would you give to someone new to walking holidays?

  • Wear proper clothing for all season, especially hiking shoes or runners. Always bring a spare pair of runners in case blisters appear
  • There are plenty of blister pads and healing gel in chemists along the Camino, in fact, there are whole sections for it.
  • Use luggage transfer as it eases pressure on your back.
  • Finally ENJOY yourself, soak in the amazing experience.

Who are walking holidays suitable for?

90% of the Camino holiday is suitable for everyone who likes walking or is interested in it.
It is recommend to do some Camino Training as make sure you can physically walk for 4-5 hours in a day. For cycling, is a different mindset, it is only suitable for people who enjoy cycling and did long distance cycles before.