Esmeralda Molina

Esmeralda profileJob Title: Holiday Success Team Executive

Why do you like the Camino?
The Camino is something that everybody should experience at least once in their lives. Nowadays, our lives are fast and busy, and stopping to take a step back can be difficult. I think that’s exactly what the Camino helps you with. It helps you put your life into perspective and who knows? Even change your life completely!

What do you like about working in FTC/OFA?

I love our office environment; we all get along so well, and we are all very busy so there is not much time to chit-chat, but we always have a smile in our faces and we are eager to help each other, and I think that makes the difference! Team work 🙂

As well as walking what are the advantages of a walking holiday?

I think I am going to repeat myself on this one but walking holidays offer you a chance to take a step back, think about your life and look at the bigger picture.  It also offers you the chance to enjoy nature and amazing landscapes. And at the end of the walk when you reach your destination it provides you with a sense of accomplishment, it’s a great feeling!

Who are walking holidays suitable for?

Everybody! I think it’s important to know your limits physically and have a good training plan before you walking holiday so you get used to walking everyday, but everybody can do it! We get families with small kids walking and people 80+ years old.